January 30, 2009

Links of the Day


Chat Between Captain Planet And The Heart Kid - [Holy Taco]

The 10 Steps To Porn Addiction. Where Are You? - [Cracked]

The Most Extravagant Dinner Parties In History - [Cook's Den]

Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Tramp - [Spike]

Michael Arrington Taking A Break From TechCrunch.com, Succumbs To Nerd Terrorism - [Yahoo]

The “A-Team” movie is a go. [THR]

Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career was just an elaborate joke on society. Get it? [Film Drunk]

Greatest Quiz EVER: How Many 90 Year-Olds Can You Take in a Fight? [Tasty Booze]

Tampa has already busted 19 would be prostitutes (mugshots included). [TSG]

More Hilarious Yahoo Answers: The Closeted Homosexuality Fail. [Blog of Hilarity]

Biggest tool ever sues strip club for getting kicked during lap dance. [F-Listed]

Interested in joining Scientology? No? What if Bart Simpson asks? [WWTDD]

The 7 Most Tradable Lunch Box Snacks. Zebra Cakes f’n rule. [High Definite]

Roddick beats Federer! Just kidding. Of course Federer won. [ESPN]

Define irony: Japanese fire station burns down from kitchen fire. [Yahoo]

And when exactly did exercise balls become so dangerous? (video). [Break]

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ken said...

Thanks for linking to CooksDen a while back. Would you mind updating your link to its new home at TheCooksDen.com?

The Most Extravagant Dinner Parties can now be found at:


The old link is redirecting, but at some point it won't do that anymore.