July 30, 2010

Robert Overweg’s « The End of the Virtual World » series

This series of pictures coming from popular FPS games (Left 4 dead 2, Half-life 2, Counter-Strike & Modern Warfare 2) is called « The End of the Virtual World ». They show how these kind of universes sometimes abruptly end. This is kind of funny, because a lot of players experienced the same thing, discovering that the end of the street in the game they’re playing disappears in nowhere, reminding you that you beloved virtual world is… Well, virtual. Robert Overweg is specialized in the photography of virtual worlds. As he claims on his site, he believes those worlds are the new public spaces, an extension of the physical world that deserves to be photographed just as much as the real world.

You’ll find on his website shotbyrobert.com his other works on the virtual worlds. A really interesting reflection between virtual reality and art.

via geek-art

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