November 27, 2010

Bruce Lee would have been 70 years old today

As a kid, I was a HUGE fan of Bruce Lee, and back then I wondered how he would have turned out as an old man, filled with unsurpassed zen and wisdom, and what crazy movies he would have done in the 80s as a middle-aged action star.

Some people call him the grandfather of MMA, since he's the man behind Jeet Kune Do. To me, he was an icon, an entertainer, a teacher and a warrior that left us much too soon. Here are 5 of his most well-known clips that prove he is just that. Don’t believe it? He even beat Chuck Norris!

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

Bruce Lee: “Fists of Fury” ice factory fight

Bruce Lee vs. Kareem Abdul-Jabber in “Game of Death”

Bruce Lee working the nunchucks

Bruce Lee training video

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