November 25, 2010

Sweet Victory!

After all the hard work over the last year done by The Copernicus Crew and Mark Cappello, the labour tax credit in Nova Scotia has been reinstated!

The brief transmission from Film Nova Scotia:
Dear Producers:

At a recent Treasury Board meeting, the following amendments were made to support the film industry via the Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit:

   - The production cost cap has been removed!

   - The residency requirement has been changed so that  employees resident during the production are eligible.

Further details will follow.


Film Nova Scotia

Complete and utter victory. We even gained the ability to ‘deem’ talent into the province and make them eligible on our productions (a critical piece that will allow us to rebuild).

Many thanks to everyone who supported our efforts. Rebuilding will not be easy with the talent we’ve lost, but we at least have a shot now to be competitive with other regions in the country and we can rebuild the Nova Scotia industry.

Thanks to Murray for finding this appropriate clip:

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