January 20, 2011

The Making Of "Princess Mononoke"

In celebration of Hayao Miyazaki's 70th birthday, here's the epic behind-the-scenes documentary on Mononoke, it's my favorite one of all his films, and this will be a reminder of how much excruciating work it is to put a traditional cel-animated feature film together.

It's crazy seeing so much footage of how Ghibli studios operates, plus watching Miyazaki work on storyboards, layouts, and animation himself is mesmerizing. Not to mention the large amount of detail covered to show ALL aspects of production of the course of the years it took to complete the film. Especially part 2-15, where you get a sense of his directing style hoe easily he can get drawn into a scene and obsessed about the posing and timing of a shot and sometimes reflects on the sacrifices he's made in the name of animation.

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