January 29, 2011

Richard Williams

Here's a bunch of documentaries on animation master Richard Williams. The first one focuses on The Thief and the Cobbler, considered by many to be his best work, which can only be viewed on YouTube in its Director's Cut version.

The second documentary is focused on Roger Rabbit, with a very detailed biography on his lengthy career in the animation industry.

Then there's some old British ads from the 70s and 80s that Williams directed. Followed by the more recent 'Making of Roger Rabbit DVD Feature'. Then the first 1988 TV special on the Behind-The-Scenes of Roger Rabbit, which shows the INSANE amount of work that went into producing the film. Enjoy!

Richard Williams Documentary - I Drew Rogger Rabbit

"Jovan Sex Appeal" ad , animated by Richard Williams, BGs by Rebecca Mills:

Richard Williams Animation. "Listerine" ads, animated by Russell Hall:

Richard Williams Director, "Limara Perfume" ad, animated by Eric Goldberg:

Behind the scenes of Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

Very rare, early pencil test of Roger Rabbit with the voice of Pee Wee Herman:

Original 1988 Making Of Special "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"- Covers more history of animation, then the on set filming, the animation process, the FX & compositing, along with the foley and sound effects:

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