May 18, 2011

Olliver's Adventures - "The Singing Pickle"

A classic from 2003, here's the credits (as best as I can remember).

Storyboarded by: Mirco Chen
Character Designs by: Scott MacDonald
BG Layouts by: Fraser Hallett
BG Paint by: Ann Hawboldt
Animation Supervisor: Curtis Carey
Animation by: Rachel Houlton, Travis Shipley, Dave Thomson, Jacques Daigle, Gillian Slaunwhite, Jacob Menard, and Joel MacKenzie
Clean-up & Paint by: Stephanie Naarin, Graham Lewry, and John Legere
Voices by: Brian Heighton (Pickle, Cray-Sausage), Joanne Miller (Ollie), Tara Doyle (Tara), and Lex Gigeroff (Dad)
Written by: Michael Best
Directed by: Ron

1 comment:

Tristan Patrick said...

Love how the size of the pickle keeps on changing...