June 21, 2012

Classical Animation Combines With Innovative Gameplay In "The Act"

Today I was introduced to a fantastic little iPhone game called "The Act" and I was blown away by its ingenuity, simplicity, and exquisite animation!

Classic Animation Combines With Innovative Gameplay In The Act

The Act is billed as an “interactive comedy.” The game’s interactivity and artistic style harks back to the comedic cartoons of yore, particularly Don Bluth’s “Dragon’s Lair.” It's so much fun to play and a delight to watch the performance that the animated characters put on.

The Act’s old-school feel is decidedly part of its charm. And while its graphics may incite a bout of nostalgia among older players and ALL classically-trained animators like myself, its gameplay is tailor-made for the here and now.
In The Act, you’re tasked to keep up Edgar’s act by controlling his actions with your iDevice’s touchscreen. A lovable loser, Edgar must try to hang on to his job, take care of his dimwitted brother, and woo the girl of his dreams all at the same time.

For the most part, the key is to slide your finger on the screen to the left or right until you strike a proper balance between two possible scenarios. In one scene, for example, you must be able to strike up a relationship with Edgar’s love interest without being obnoxious.

This game is definitely one of the most interesting iOS games I’ve come across in a long while. It’s available at the App Store now, it was published by the company Chillingo.

Make sure to check it out, it's only $3.
More info here.

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