June 18, 2012

Download Goodies - Part 3

Here's some new downloads for everyone to enjoy:

Ron's Photoshop Brushes for digital storyboard artists (Link Fixed)
Tarzan Storyboards
Famous Artists Composition Course
Sherm Cohen's notes on posing and staging
Famous Artist Cartoon Course
Ham Luske's Notes on Animation
Sheldon Borenstein's Drawing Manual
Notes on Drawing Drapery
Medieval Weapons and Armor Reference Book
The Art of Drawing The Human Body
Milt Kahl Interview

Here's some essential links to save...

For Graphic Designers:

- Tips for Charging Clients for Services
- Setting Your Rates for Freelance Work

For Photographers:

How to Set the Price for Your Photo Work

3D/2D Animation & Design:

Setting Your Rates for Freelance Projects

For All Digital Artists:

A Guide to Creating & Applying Textures

A Basic Guide to Creating Custom Brushes

A Guide to Creating Adjustment Layers

A Guide to all Blend Modes

A Complete Guide to the Use and Manipulation of Brushes

Download Custom Brushes

Another List of the Best Sites for Downloading Brushes

Everything you wanted to know about creating your own color palettes

Having trouble choosing nice color combinations?

Color Scheme Designer

Kuler Color Themes

Aviary Color Editor

Need to find some free textures?

DeviantArt: This is usually a good first stop when looking for some texture inspiration. It's nice because a lot of the textures on the site can't be found anywhere else.

Flickr: There are so many different textures on here it can be overwhelming at times, but a very good source of ideas and inspiration.

CGTextures: This site hosts all kinds of textures in an easy to browse format.

Zen Textures: A large assortment of high resolution textures.

QTextures: An ever growing stock pile of amazing textures.

Lost & Taken: A nice variety of detailed and colorful surface textures.

Mega-Tex: Over 7000 great quality textures.

Seamless Textures: A one stop resource for all of your seamless texture needs.

Texturebits: Royalty free photo textures, for personal or commercial use.

BittBox: A small but high-quality site for texture images.

PatternWall: A collection of a few hundred patterns.

Texture Warehouse and Texture Library are two simple sites with a few hundred textures of various types.

Traditional art values applied to digital painting:

Concept Art, Design, and Color Theory in Photoshop

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Toby said...

Heya Ron,

First of all, great blog! Thanks for putting up all these resources and vids.

Just letting you know the Photoshop brushes link is broken.