August 06, 2012

Chris Oatley's "Is Your Concept Art Portfolio Versatile Or Just Confusing?"

Good, practical career advice for those hoping to "break in" from Disney artist Chris Oatley on how to put together your portfolio:

Every good concept art portfolio showcases the artist’s versatility.
But many artists think they are demonstrating versatility when they are actually demonstrating a lack of focus.

It’s good ol’ fashioned fear-of-commitment.
In our ‘Paper Wings’ episode Ten Steps To A Winning Portfolio we advised that artists demonstrate specialization in favor of versatility when applying for a job in a creative “pipeline.”
Artistic specialization can drastically benefit your career as a concept artist (whether you’re a character designer, layout artist, environment painter or some other type of conceptual illustrator).
So, today, I’m going to challenge you to reconsider the way you’re pursuing your creative dreams as I debunk The Myth Of Versatility…

Read the rest here.

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