August 15, 2012

Dartmouth Comic Arts Festval

If you're around Halifax/Dartmouth this Sunday, drop in to the first DCAF!
Free admission - free parking - easy to get to via the ferry or
bus! Join more than two dozen cartoonists who will be exhibiting
their work, there will be comics for sale, posters, prints, t-shirts and
lots more!

Facebook event info:

The DCAF blog:

Scheduled Artists to be in Attendance: 

Nick Bradshaw
Marvel Comics' Wolverine & the X-men

Darwyn Cooke
The Spirit, Catwoman, The New Frontier

Steve McNiven
Nemesis and Marvel Comics' Civil War, Old Man Logan

Faith Erin Hicks
Friends with Boys, War at Ellsmere, Adventure Time

Mike Holmes
Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Mikenesses, True Story

Mark Oakley
Thieves & Kings, Star Drop

James White - Signalnoise

Jordyn Bochon

Danica Brine

Joel Duggan

Tim Larade

Andre Myette

Tim Carpenter

Colleen MacIsaac

Kate Leth

Molly McVicker

Derek Jessome

Jeff Knott

Andy Cotnam

Atlantic Comics

Ivy Quickdraw Jones

Ben Jeddrie

Andrew Power

Miriam Gibson


Josh Rodgers

David Germain

Meags Fitzgerald

Danielle Stirling 

Glenn Arseneau

Susan Pfeiffer

Patrick Burgomaster

Jei Jei Steeves

Dominic Marco

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Dave Baldwin said...

You know I'm there.