January 15, 2013

"Jam" Motion Comics Trailer

JAM — new interactive motion comics project by HonkFu published by Narr8! Marvelous music provided by DZA & NVG (how2make).
"Our latest project is called 'JAM' and it tells a story that takes place in a completely fictional universe. It has little in common with reality but seems strangely familiar. That’s because it was created from our fond memories of watching movies and playing video games as kids. What we consider fiction cliches are laws of nature in this world. If you have a princess in your life - she will undoubtedly get kidnapped one day. And if you eat a mushroom - chances are you’ll grow at least a little bit. And of course our story will have it’s share of love and friendship, betrayal and revenge. We’re gonna take you for a ride!"
– HonkFu team

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