January 09, 2013

Monster Robot Crocodile Head from Peter Pan

Hydraulic crocodile head built for P.J. Hogan's Peter Pan movie.
It incorporates Greg's principle of delayed precision in order to achieve smooth organic body movement.

It was made for John Cox's creature workshop.
Hydraulic engineering by Trevor Tighe. Facial mechs by Sonny Tilders and Greg McKee.
The skin is foam latex.

Sculpture by David Renn in small maquette size, then digitally laser scanned and carved out of blocks of polystyrene foam by a robot milling system in John Cox's creature workshop.

Paint Job by Dave Renn
Facial expressions mixed with a Gilderfluke system.

The creators' experience with this approach gave Sonny and Trevor the confidence to undertake the "Walking with Dinosaurs" stage show.

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