August 20, 2014

In Memory of Robin Williams - a Poem by Voice Actor Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen was touched by the loss of Robin Williams in a unique and personal way. Since 2008, he has been the voice of Disney’s Genie character from Aladdin, having voiced him in a series of Disney video games. Williams, of course, famously brought the Genie to life in the original Disney classic.

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J.M. said...

Robbin Williams was one of the funniest, and brilliant minded comedians of his time. He had a wild personality, and you never knew what he would say next. I remembered how funny it was when he provided the voice of Disney's Genie. He also did great as Popeye, and the movie reflected on the cartoon perfectly. I have his comedy DVD Weapon of Self Destruction, and it's really funny when he talks about using Methane as a new source of car fuel.