August 22, 2014

"The Cat Came Back" by Cordell Barker

A nice high quality version of the classic 1988 NFB short. This film, along with The Big Snit, were a major influence on me as a child in my interests of becoming an animator. For me, this is cartooning personified. A catchy tune, lively full animation, and more squash-and-stretch and boiling lines than you can shake a stick at.


Smeagol92055 said...

Oh my gosh, this song has been stuck in my head from this video since I was a kid!

J.M. said...

aw, that's a classic one, and a very funny one as well. Yeah, but you have to feel sorry for the poor guy, and what he went through to get rid of the kitty. And in the end, after blowing up his home, his soul was still haunted by the ghostly souls of the kitty's nine lives.