March 21, 2015

Film Producer Reveals the Key to Making 'Dredd 2' a Reality

Adi Shankar has produced some of the most ass-kicking movies in recent years, including The Grey and Killing Them Softly. He also produced the gloriously violent Dredd, and if you’ve been anxiously awaiting a sequel, the video we’ve got for you today is a must-watch.

In it Shankar talks candidly about the trials and tribulations of independent filmmaking, revealing some depressing truths about the industry. As most of you are probably aware, getting a movie financed can be a herculean task, and Shankar reveals all about that painstaking process.

On the subject of Dredd 2, which fans have for years been begging him for, Shankar outlines the key to making the sequel happen with things like considerably lowering the budget and bringing on a major star and/or director representing the only possible ways to get the cameras rolling.

All fans of Dredd and all independent filmmakers absolutely need to watch this video, and Shankar encourages you to spread it around.

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