March 02, 2015

Post #10,000!!!

This post is just to say thank you to all of you!
This blog is at a point now that I get multiple emails every week, basically people just saying "thanks" and just giving their support, and at least one email everyday from someone sending me their film or video they've created or worked on. So I thought it was time to show my gratitude to all those who are sending me the messages of support and emails with links to fresh and original content.

9 year ago today, I started this silly little site, it was just meant to be a showcase of whatever little funny stuff I'd find on the interwebs. Through the years it became more focused on Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Cartooning, Character Design, Concept Art, Short Films, Artistic Inspiration, and The History of Filmmaking. But nowadays it's been more concentrated on exclusively showing off cool and interesting animated shorts and demo reels... with still the occasional animation news-related item and essays on the art of filmmaking, and animation tips & tricks.

Nine years ago it was very tough to find any short films, music videos, or commercials that were all animated, barely one per week would make it online for me to find and re-blog / re-post. Now, there's several per day, every single day; 2D-traditional/Flash, 3D-CG, stop-motion, puppets, visual-effects, and all the cross-pollenating & mixed-media genres that go with it. The volume of fantastic work produced daily is overwhelming. Before I had to search and search online in hopes to find them... but now often friends or the creators of the work themselves send me the links to their films and projects.

The amount of animated films, commercials and music videos produced every week is staggering.

The attendance these past 14 months have been steadily growing. I'm now at 2.6 million total hits on the blog.

In December 2013, when I wrote an article about The Incredibles, it unexpectedly went abit viral, and ever since then this blog's daily count got bumped up to a steady average of 2000+ visitors per day. This relentless flow of traffic is surprising and welcoming, I thank you all for the support shown and the steady interest displayed here everyday!

It's a wonderful and exhilarating time to be in the animation & visual effects industry for film and television. Filmmakers, creators, animators, designers of all sorts are sending Flooby Nooby their works, and I thank you all.

As always, this site is ad-free, and just a vehicle for showcasing cool and inspiring animations and knowledge about animation techniques, references, and the animation industry itself. I will endeavour to continue and create my own original content in the form of essays, dissertations, and manifestos, once in a while (when ever I can find the time with my busy schedule).

So thank you all for showing such enthusiasm for this site. Here's to 10,000 more posts to come over the next 9 years!


Everton Silva said...

Thank you for the great work. This blog is amazing and inspiring.

anonymous said...

I stop by everyday on my tour of the inter web. Always an inspiration. Thank you my animation brother

tek! said...

Always a pleasure to visit your blog, Ron. Keep up the excellent work!

Alex_Munguia said...

congrats! and thank you for taking the time to share

Ivo Isla Solther said...

I LOVE this site, its my default page each time I open my browser.
Can't thank you enough for sharing all these amazing stuff!

Parka said...

I follow your blog and the Vimeo feed. You're right when you say that the amount of video people are producing is staggering. There's so much to watch and so little time.

Andreas Schuster said...

Thanks for doing this!