May 11, 2018


"7Peas is a series we are currently developing. It will deal with gender issues and sex equality through supercharged fights, mixing live footage and animation. This episode 0 is for us the way to give an overview of the aesthetics of the universe."

Directed by: Bounty / Banana - Steven Briand & Julien Jourdain de Muizon
Ninja: Julien Jdm
Stray Dor: Luca Fiore
Ninja girl: Melissa Humler
Production Manager: Sébastien Guitton
1st Assistant Director: Zulu Finalteri
DOP: johan leclaire - bottarelli
1st Camera Assistant: Jodie Arnoux
Fight Choreographer: Kefi Abrikh
Stunt double: Gary Cothenet
Stage Manager: Théo Charpentier

Storyboard: Etienne Guignard
Concept Art/Layout: Joseph Rahamefy & Alison Jofrio
Animator: Hugo Louiset
Sound Design: Mectoob
Graphic Design: Milos Trkulja

sylvain chaux
Joachim Imbard
Gaffer: DayanOualid
Costume Designer: Nicolas Brosseau

Monteur: Pierre-Alain Berisset
Post Prod Manager: Charlotte Brisebarre
FX Supervisor: Jao Eka M'changama
VFX Artists: Michael Moercant & Jean-Martin Mossu
Workflow Supervisor: Nicolas Huguet

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