May 28, 2018


I was able to get a short interview with the creators...

What inspired you to come up with this story? Any of these moments reflect any personal experiences you might have had?

We had no idea what it was going to be at the beginning. The first approximate idea we had, came from a paper art concept of a friend of ours. We built a social critique with touches of humor, but it was very complicated, so we tried very simple jokes without history or progression. Finally we opted for the final version, a story of seduction with increasingly serious hiccups of the protagonist.
Maybe the fact that Marc and I were going through a serious crisis of love has something to do with the theme.

It's an interesting location at a subway station, how did you decide upon this?

The station where it takes place is very inspired by our metro stop to the coworking where we made the short film, besides it was a controlled environment, perfect to maintain quality with the available resources.

How long did the production take from story concept to final?

We practically spent a year trying different ideas through 2D animations and layouts, although it is difficult to measure it accurately because we made the models of the environment and the protagonist meanwhile.

Was the twist ending something you had thought of from the beginning? Or was it something you gradually arrived to during the storyboarding and development process?

The end came progressively, since we wanted a romantic ending at the beginning, but we realized that the final result was decaffeinated in all the versions we tried so we opted for this more surprising version.

Which animation school did you attend?

Pepeschool Land, the same school that gave us the infrastructure to develop the short and bring it to fruition, thanks to the teachers and students who helped us a lot along the way.

Do you have something in mind for your next short film? When are we expected to see it?

The desire is there, but right now it is complicated by the economic and social difficulties involved. We are convinced that we will do more personal projects in the future, but we do not know when exactly. It would not be the first time that Marc and I talked about a second part of Darrel or making a Darrel series.

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