June 29, 2018

A Chat with Brad Bird

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Rachel Moniz said...

Hi Ron!!

I've discovered your blog not long ago and I am completly in love with everything about it. There is so much great content I can't contain myself and have spend so many hours just scrolling through it, I can't stop!

I specially love your ginormous post on storytelling / storyboarding. I just started as a storyboarder in a studio and I was really nervous, but having your post nearby at all times at the beginning was such a relief.

I live in Brazil and storyboarding here is very poorly known and I'm starting an online workshop on it so I can help out other new storyboarders and we can all learn together. I was wondering if it's okay to use some of your art from that post as examples in it! (with credits, of course)

Anyway, just wanted to thank you so much for all your work, it really made the world of a difference for me and I'm sure many others.

Big Brazilian hugs!