June 26, 2018

Everything GREAT About The Incredibles!


Alkimia Studio said...


We're Alkimia Studio, an animation studio since 2015 placed in Madrid. Our website is: http://www.alkimiastudio.com/

We are follower of your blog, and we want to show you a new 2d animation project that we are working on: 'Apokatlipsis Cyborn Planet'. We are trying to produce this animated TV Show. The profile of this project is here: http://www.alkimiastudio.com/portfolio-item/apokatliptic-cyborn-planet/

We have release the teaser of our project that currently is the Opening of the show: https://vimeo.com/276427416

We hope that you like it, and if you can help us making a post in your blog we will be very gratefull.


Alkimia Studio

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