April 06, 2007


Wippets E-Greetings Service
Send a Wippets E-Greeting Video to your friends or loved ones! Simply e-mail us the name of the person it's going to with details of what the special occassion is (birthday, holiday, miss you, thank you, or anything at all). We'll film it and post it for all to see! E-mail requests to: ron@collideascope.com
Click here to see some samples.

CBC Interview with Matt Forsythe
Matt Forsythe was recently interviewed on CBC Montreal, and he has since posted an MP3 of this interview to his website. It’s a fascinating look into Matt’s work and his comic Ojingogo. Definitely worth a listen.

An interesting article on self-publishing, care of CBC’s Street Cents. Quite a few Canadian authors and artists — including Halifax-based Hope Larson — discuss their thoughts and experiences on self-publishing. Considering that we were fully prepared to self-publish the first Flight anthology at one point (before we were approached by Image Comics), this is an article that will probably be useful to other writers or artists interested in pursuing a similar sort of path.

Mr. Bird
A very nice interview with Pixar's Brad Bird, click here to listen.

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