April 23, 2007

Tom - Out On The Street & on the NEWS!

Here's a clip of the footage on the local weather news:

Here's the whole interview, some of the sound is hard to make out with all the background noise, notice the lack of interest from passing pedestrians:

Tom Baasner was fired from his job again, so in typical
fashion he decided to make the most of it, desperate and
delusional, he setup his office on the sidewalk:


Gillian said...

that tom is up for anything haha

Darryl Bisson said...

hahaha..no way!! I cant believe you guys did that.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the great "stuff" we used to do... it only gets better with time. you guys are absolutely nuts.

thanks for putting a great big smile on my face :D


Halifax TV/Film said...

This guy has chuztpah! I want him to come work for me, name the price; I need someone with balls. If I had a position this guy would be perfect. I would hire him in a minute if I were a high powered owner of some sort of business thing. But all I've got is I need someone to aerate my lawn. And I can only pay you in beer bottles as I've been out of work myself these past two years.

Life sucks.

Halifax TV/Film said...

hmmmm, sounds like a cool concept for a talk show.

Paul Caron said...

Ha Ha Old Man Baasner finally ends up where he belongs!

blah said...

Ha ha, awesome!

Mike Geiger said...

wow! famous!