April 28, 2007

Nice Figures

Kidrobot Gorillaz Figure: 2-D (2-tone version)
Not only are the sculpts and paint jobs even better than the previous series, but they're cheaper, too! Too bad the band announced they would no longer be releasing new albums, but at least we got the Gorillaz movie to look forward to.

Uncle Loong - Vinyl Figure
Who is Uncle Loong? He's the mascot of xl-shop.com, a Malaysian website where I would buy toys before so many sites sold the same items domestically.
This figure's very nicely made, and comes with a hat, glasses, an umbrella and a tiny toy train. It's a solid, appealing design, with a strong sculpt and nice paint work. The attention to detail is nice, too - there's plastic 'lenses' in the glasses, and the earring is a separate metal piece.

These oil versions of the Zliks vinyl toys are also cool. With the eyes as separate pieces and can be 'posed' into different facial expressions.

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