May 23, 2008

Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer

The talent behind this is just crazy. You've got scripts by David Goyer (BLADE, BATMAN BEGINS), Greg Rucka (upcoming WHITEOUT), Josh Olson (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE), Jordan Goldberg (Associate Producer on THE PRESTIGE), Alan Burnett (BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM) and Brian Azzarello (writer on 100 BULLETS, the brilliant comic series by Vertigo). AND THEN... there's the directors... Yasuhiro Aoki (TWEENY WITCHES), Futoshi Higashide (AIR), Toshiyuki Kubooka (NADIA OF THE MYSTERIOUS SEAS), Hiroshi Morioka (TSUBASA CHRONICLE) and Shoujirou Nishimi (TEKON KINKURITO). The directors are often times directing for the first time after being superb animators in the anime realm - all being overseen by producer BRUCE TIMM and the team behind BATMAN BEGINS & THE DARK KNIGHT. This is going to kick a lot of ass! Via

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