May 31, 2008

Earthworm Jim Movie!

earthworm-jim-movie.jpgOwners of the character, announced last month that they're back at work with TenNapel to develop a new video game, animated series, and feature film. Said TenNapel on his forum:
I've done a few new sketches and he's really fun, funny and just more solid as a character. I have a ten page feature script treatment that I just finished to get a look at the character...see what a feature might look like.

I'm not going to say much more. I don't want EWJ to be all about talking up a character...I'm putting the goods down on paper. We'll give you updates over on the Interplay site and I'll probably start a blog to let all of the Jim fans in on the progress of the character, game, movie, etc.

I can only say that I really want to make him shine so you won't get some half-baked, heartless piece of crap made to exploit you for more money.

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