June 18, 2008



JC said...

I can't stop watching this. Why can't I stop watching this?

Jen said...

Ron-I don't know of any other way to contact you than this, but I have to. I'm not selling anything, I just have to tell you something.
I guess I'll just put it here.
Here it is:
Please Ron for god's sake take off the Daily Motion "Most recent Wippets Episodes" video player from Flooby Nooby!!!!! I don't have a problem with the Wippets, trust me, but that horrid video player starts playing the episodes, and I can't stand it! for the first few weeks, I didn't know where the music was coming from! I hate it! It's ruined your blog! I can't even watch the videos you put up because I can only hear the "the Wippets" music!! I have been visiting your blog since at least late 2006, and I love it, but PLEASE CUT OFF THE "MOST RECENT WIPPETS EPISODES"!!
Thank you.
May I suggest that you at least just provide a link to the Wippets episodes? I'm begging you!

Ron said...

Sorry about that dude, I had no idea my sidebar was hindering the floobynooby experience for some, I hope you'll keep visiting.

Phil Willis said...

I have no idea why this is funny - but I must have watched it twenty times.

Strangely appealing. Nice work.