June 26, 2008

Hero Teen Throws Best Party Ever, Not Sorry

I had posted the clip about this idiot a few months ago, but here's an update.

Update: Corey doesn't wear shirts, but now you can wear a Corey shirt thanks to Busted Tees

This is what teen sex comedies are made of. Corey Delaney, a 16-year old Aussie, wanted to throw a party while his parents were away. He posted the invitation on his Myspace page and things just spiraled out of control. 500 people showed up to his mid-sized home and started destroying the neighborhood. The police had to be called in and, in the end, the partiers caused an estimated $20,000 in damages. The best part? He's not sorry.

His parents have since returned home and Corey is no where to be found. He's gone missing, most likely due to his (understandable) fear of facing them. Wherever he is it's unlikely he's in danger; he hasn't stopped updating his myspace.

Further Reading

- Check out the original story, as reported by the BBC

- Here's the follow-up story about Corey's disappearance, or escape, from the Adelaide Now newspaper

Corey is back and he still refuses to remove his glasses, even after being physically tackled by a radio DJ. We admire this kids persistence.

Other Aussie Corey updates:

-Read the full details of the radio interview from the above video

-Yup, he's finally been arrested


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