June 28, 2008

The Future of Portable Hard Drives

I just received my new desktop hard drive for my computer at the studio to backup all kinds of work, and I had to mention here how impressed I am with it.

Lacie's new 1TB External HD is amazing!
It's a little firewire plugin black box, sits nicely on my desk, taking up alomst no room, and it holds 1000 GB !!! It's unbelievable, how a meer 4 years ago I bought a 40 GB version for almost exactly the same price! It's incredible how much disk space has gone down in cost. This new Lacie Hard Disk sold for $353 (including taxes and shipping). Not to mention how sleek and stylish it looks with a cool little blue light under glow, very quiet and a super fast transferring rate too! Highly Recommended!

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Adam said...

Thats a pretty impressive storage device.