July 26, 2008

Fox Inkubator Program

Fox Broadcasting and 20th Century Fox Television are investing in a new animation initiative, Fox Inkubation, aimed at developing new animated series. Along with the program also comes the creation of a department that will focus entirely on animated projects.

Through "Inkubation," Fox will develop animated projects by starting them as short-form films rather than through traditional script development. From these shorts the department will create additional ones or even begin full program development. The initiative also could introduce digital distribution as part of its plan.

Former "South Park" supervising producer Jennifer Howell has been named senior vice president of animation and will be in charge of the new department. Senior VP of Production Marci Proietto will oversee the department's projects.

Ms. Howell will report to 20th Century Fox Television Co-Chairs Gary Newman and Dana Walden.

Fox's "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill" and "Family Guy" remain among the few staples in prime-time animated series.

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