July 12, 2008

The QT's new Screenplay

inglorious-bastards-script.jpgLatino Review and Vulture have read Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards script and they're saying, respectively, that it's like "if you took the bad guy swagger of RESERVOIR DOGS, the uber coolness and structure of PULP FICTION, throw in the revenge angle of KILL BILL, set it in World War II" and "like Kill Bill meets The Dirty Dozen meets Cinema Paradiso." You can read the specifics and plot details at either site, but both use the term "awesome" in describing it, which is usually a positive.

Also of note: "bastards" is spelled "basterds" throughout the script, though it's not entirely clear if that's intentional or not because there are apparently many other spelling and grammatical errors throughout (I'm hoping it was somehow an accident; otherwise it's going to really eff up my blog tags). So while it's reassuring to hear that Tarantino looks to have another hit, it's also oddly depressing to realize the man who brought us Pulp Fiction is still having issues with plural vs. possessive and "they're" and "there." Maybe he was using YouTube comments as a reference. [Via iwatchstuff.com]

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