May 30, 2009


I showcased this animated short 14 months ago, but I just had to show it again.
It’s rare to me to find a piece of work in our industry that seems to have true meaning to someone beyond just creative expression. Mathieu Labaye made this stunning animation in honor of his father who struggled with multiple sclerosis.

Be patient through the beginning, it starts a little slow. Definitely read through the translation of the voice over, I’m sure you will find this piece to be much more than just a beautifully executed, tedious, and impressive bit of hand drawn animation. What a great expression of what it means to be free to move, we can only imagine how Mathieu’s father struggled with the desire to feel like this (full of life and motion, wanting to break free from his body) every day of his life.

Here is a version of the animation with subtitles.

Produced by Camera-Etc.

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