February 17, 2010


Johnny Cupcakes' lecture series tells the story of just exactly how he turned a simple joke into a multi-million dollar business using very non-tradition methods starting at the age of 19. No business plan, no start up loans, no investors, no wholesaling or advertising.

Johnny's lecture focuses on starting a brand + business (both web based & retail) with little to no start up money, entrepreneurship, the importance of branding, small business management, product development and marketing as well as communication and graphic design.

From-- Tips and tricks for approaching business in innovative and unconventional ways. To-- Useful advice, tools, websites, and direction for those interested in starting a new business.

Johnny's lectures around the globe have proven to inspire and motivate both students and faculty alike. I have yet to witness his lecture or find any online, but I hear but's a mind-blowing experience.

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