July 12, 2012

Dick Figures Crowd Funding Breaks The Record for Highest Funded Animated Project on Kickstarter

The 30 Minute Animated Short Film will be made thanks to over 4,200 online backers. News from the Dick Figure Movie Kickstarter Campaign:

It has been an incredible, exciting and humbling month-and-a-half watching the pledges climb and climb and seeing all support pour out for Dick Figures from around the world! We're so happy to have met our goal, and everyone who has supported and backed the project should be crazy-proud of themselves because we wouldn't have come this far without your help. So from Ed & Zack and everyone at the Dick Figures team... THANK YOU!!!! We're thrilled at the opportunity to actually make this awesome movie for everyone, and we promise it will be more mind-explodingly amazing than you can dream of!"

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