July 23, 2012

Download Goodies - Part 4

Here's some new links and downloads for everyone to enjoy:

- A huge resources of Human Anatomy illustrations, sketches and references (updated daily).

- Animation Insiders - Workflow Edition Book (from LesShamans)

- Animation Mentor - Tips & Tricks

- Richard Yot's Notes on Lighting

- Phil Straub's Notes on Composition

- Rowland Wilson Notes on Layout Composition

- Burne Hogarth - Drawing Dynamic Hands

- Burne Hogarth - Drawing The Human Head

- Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Figure Drawing

- Andrew Loomis - Drawing Heads And Hands

- Andrew Loomis - Basics of Drawing Cartoons And Poses

- J.D. Harding - Drawing Trees and Nature

- Jack Hamm - Drawing Scenery Seascapes And Landscapes

- Jack Hamm - Drawing The Head and Figure

- David Lewis - Pencil Drawing Techniques

- Giovanni Civardi - Drawing Portraits

- Edgar Loy Fankbonner - Art of Drawing The Human Body

- Ron Tiner - Figure Drawing Without A Model

- Preston Blair - Cartoon Animation Drawing

- Ken Hultgren - The Art of Animal Drawing

See more Downloadable Stuff.

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DARAF said...

Great resources here and on the other downloads post as well. Thanks for sharing.

Kreeslak said...

Lot of thanks!!!

Yinxuu said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful resources!

Anonymous said...

A lot of these links seem to be broken... ):

Jamil R. Lahham said...

I might be late to the party, are these files available still?