September 24, 2006

Film News

Ace Ventura Spreads Seed, Sorrow

Ace_Ventura_Spreads_Seed_So.jpgMorgan Creek is very lucky that things I found funny at seventeen are still gut-busting to me today. Because the third Ace Ventura movie is currently in development. Future out-of-work screenwriters Jeff Sank and brothers Jason and Justin Heimberg are penning this gem, which will follow the story of the legendary pet detective's son taking on his father's mantle. If this turns out half as awesome as Son of the Mask and Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, all other movies on the planet will explode.

Sunshine Footage With Danny Boyle Introduction


Looking like something of a hybrid of Armageddon and Alien, a trailer of sorts for Danny Boyle's Sunshine is online, with an introduction by the director. The movie follows a team of astronauts sent to the sun in the hopes of reviving the dying star, restoring sunshine to earth. Because if we don't have sunshine, all we've got left are lollipops and rainbows to make us feel wonderful. And the long, luxurious eyelashes of Cillian Murphy.

First Shot From Neil Gaiman's Stardust


I don't know anything about this flick yet, but I read around that it looks good.

Evan Almighty Portrays Monkeys Drinking Coffee


I'm guessing this movie will be terrible, but I can't deny the intrinsic humor of two monkeys drinking coffee in this new shot from Evan Almighty, sequel to Bruce. Did they brew it, too? How do they take it? Monkeys drinking coffee = funny. Case closed.


Nadine said...

They're actually baboons drinking lemonade.

Stephanie N said...

HahahahahMonkeys doing just about anything is funny. :P
Oh, and if you want to read Stardust, I can lend it to you-it's a pretty quick read.

Ron said...

Baboons & lemonade? Even better.

Nadine said...

Yeah Steve C told a fantastic story on Craig Ferguson and also Leno about the Baboons and never to mess around with them :)

Unknown said...

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