September 09, 2006

Star Trek: Gets CGI Update (getting "Lucased")

Between keeping track of the reissuing the Star Wars films and their personal duties of repainting new uniforms on G.I. Joes, nerds just can't get a break when it comes to the renovations of their old obsessions. The latest to fall victim to the hand of progress is Star Trek: The Original Series.
Trek Movie claims the series will be re-aired with new CGI effects for the opening and outer space scenes created for HDTV broadcast. Great idea. Don't they know nerds hate it if you tamper with anything they have an obsessive following for? That's why so many have run away from home when their mothers replaced their Mountain Dew with Big K's Citrus Drop. I personally think it's stupid, stop tweaking and re-doing the classics, stop re-doing Starwars twelve times, and just stop the madness!

The studio hopes the updated effects will attract a younger audience, primarily by digitally replacing Chekov with Raven-Symone.

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