July 11, 2008

God Awful 3D/CG Animated Movie Trailers of the Week

I guess that last one isn't as bad, but still... seriously? The visuals are OK, but the story of a mouse in a cook's kitchen? Hasn't that been done? :)

Some of those trailers are new, some are old, but they are definitely worth watching.
Back to this "Fly Me To The Moon" movie...
Here are some promising shots courtesy of iwatchstuff.com:

fly-me-to-moon-pic-2.jpgOh good, this character on the left has sort of a skeletal head. Not at all creepy.

fly-me-to-moon-pic-3.jpgI bet that hip character to the left will be a riot. Or just awkwardly present, like every other character in the preview.

fly-me-to-moon-pic-4.jpgNot at all creepy.

fly-me-to-moon-pic-5.jpgIs it meant to look like he's hanging himself or am I willing that?

fly-me-to-moon-pic-6.jpgOh, I didn't realize the front of their helmets were always open, or that this could make any less sense.

With the exception of the brilliant minds behind Kung-Fu Panda, I don't think Pixar has anything to worry about.


pmaestro said...

please tell me "fly me to the moon" is a joke trailer. it's not real right? it can't be a real movie...

Mirco said...

So many angry letters I have to write now.

Ron said...

I wish it were a joke, I wish it were.